Stardust. Mountains ground to dust by miles high ice, and the Sun’s hot breath on grape leaves; this is ‘Terroir’.
Landscape, Water, and the hills of West Kelowna are concentrated into a glass of summer.
I collected strokes of colour and this image appeared.

Wine Tasting

I often get commissions to capture the flavour of a favourite vacation. The original hangs in the home of an Alberta couple; a reminder of their Okanagan adventure.

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Across Blue Mountain

There is a moment in an Okanagan autumn evening when light and colour reach maximum vibrancy and saturation. This view towards McIntyre Bluff is different every time I see it.

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Hester Creek

Another commission from some Calgary friends wanting to commemorate their visit to one of their favourite wineries … Hester Creek in the South Okanagan.

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Wine and Cheese Anyone?

There are few things better than a plate of fine cheeses, excellent wines, an Okanagan view and sharing it all with a lovely companion.

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Two Reds Don’t Make a White

Haven’t we all tried to solve a problem or two with a little too much wine?

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Oui Chablis

Painting with the rich bouquet of the wine in mind produces some unexpected and exciting results.

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A Fine Meritage

A blend of friends, sunshine, wine and beauty makes  ‘A Fine Meritage’.

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A Toast

Raise a glass of fine South Okanagan sunshine.

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Wine by the Lake

In the lake filled Okanagan Valley one doesn’t need to travel far to enjoy a glass of the region’s finest in a beautiful setting.

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Sparkly Rosé

Sometimes life becomes a cartoon of itself. A glass or two of Okanagan wine can put things right.

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The Wine Thief

Special conditions and a certain time of year are necessary to coax both the magnificent Snowy Owl and a fine Okanagan Ice Wine from the Nature of British Columbia. 

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Large Chard

When you find the perfect chardonnay you
may as well pour a large glass.

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Shiraz et Fromage

Matching the perfect cheese with
a fine wine is an art unto itself.

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O’ Christmas Tree

An Okanagan Wine Country spin on an old tradition with the ‘spirits’ of Christmas. 

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